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The world's first 7 Star equivalent* ducted gas heater

Braemar has a solid reputation for product innovations and 'world firsts'. Building on this history of 'firsts', Braemar brings you the world's most energy-efficient conventional ducted gas heater on the market - the Braemar 7 Star*

     7 star unit
Braemar 7 star*

The world's most energy efficient conventional ducted gas heater


Supernova Series

Braemar's Supernova Series has the the highest star rating product in every category!

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Energy Star Ratings Explained

In Australia, there is an Energy Rating Labelling scheme designed to help consumers choose energy efficient appliances.

The labels display a star rating for energy efficiency and annual energy consumption in MJ/m3 per year - the higher the number of stars, and the lower the energy consumption, the more efficient the appliance, meaning greater annual savings on your running costs. On average an increase of one equates to an average usage saving of approximately 10 percent.

For ducted gas heaters, currently the star rating system has a minimium of one star and a maximum of six stars.

Australian Standard AS 4556-2011 sets out how to calculate the efficiency rating for Energy Labelling of Ducted Gas Heaters. The standard states that the result of the calculation is to be rounded down to a maximum of 6.0 stars. Therefore, even if a heater is more efficient, the Standard does not currently provide for certification of an energy efficient star rating that is higher than 6.0 stars. 

However, using this system, we can calculate the 'star rating equivalent', which shows the equivalent ratings of more than 6 stars.

The performance of Braemar's ducted gas heaters are independently tested in the Australian Gas Association (AGA) NATA accredited testing laboratory. 

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*Star rating equivalent. Based on Australian Gas Association’s results calculated in accordance with the testing methodology in AS4556-2011.  




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