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Braemar Commercial EnviroMagic

High Performance Axial fans
Braemar EnviroMagic ENV1000 uses three highly efficient and ultra quiet axial fan modules in conjunction with venturis and turning vanes to reduce cooler power consumption and minimise noise even further.

Fan assemblies are mounted on an incline to maximise airflow and minimise turbulence through the cooler.

Braemar EnviroMagic ENV600 uses three SuperStealth® axial fans. The SuperStealth axial fan is specifically designed to be more energy efficient and even quieter than the standard stealth fan used in the standard evaporative units.

Inverter drive motors
Braemar EnviroMagic ENV1000’s unique array of three 3-phase inverter drive motors are fully enclosed to ensure the utmost safety and longevity. They enable efficient variable speed control, minimising power usage and further increasing efficiency.

Braemar EnviroMagic ENV600 features three InvertairTM inverter motors. The Invertair inverter motor is highly efficient throughout the operating range, using far less energy than a standard fan and motor.

Clean and dry function
The cooler drains automatically when it’s not in use, preventing algae growth and maintaining a clean cooler.

Non-clogging water distribution
The water distributor maximises cooling efficiency by ensuring a continuous and balanced flow of water across the cooling pads.

Digital smartbox / control module
A state of the art digital electronic control module optimises performance by monitoring and controlling all of the air conditioner’s capabilities. This provides ultimate comfort conditions, temperature sensing and water quality, safely and reliably.

The module also incorporates diagnostics and memory to aid troubleshooting and minimise downtime. Several user choice parameters are available to allow users to set up their preferred environment.

NEW BREAKTHROUGH Mini-Cell^ Chillcel® pad technology!
Revolutionary new Mini-Cell structure provides a new development in cooling technology.

New enhanced small cell design, boasts a new cutting edge level of cooling capacity!

New pad formulation has resulted in having 25% more surface area dramatically improving cooling efficiency.

The only evaporative cooling pads fully manufactured in Australia to suit the harshest climates and now, the absolute over-performer.

Braemar EnviroMagic’s pads are almost twice the thickness of other standard commercial pads, which further increases its superior cooling capacity.
^Patent pending

Tornado® water pump
The Tornado pump is built to last. Designed, manufactured and tested by Seeley International, the Tornado pump epitomises reliability. It features very safe material choices, an encapsulated motor with overload cut-out and stainless steel shafts and bearings fully protected from water. Plus, it has a clever impact-start feature that will overcome any tendency for the pump to become locked up with residue during prolonged off periods.

The strong synchronous motor has constant speed, independent of voltage fluctuations, and runs very cool.


WaterManager™ system
Ensures optimum machine life with minimum maintenance by constantly sensing water quality and replacing water with impurities and salts with fresh water.

The WaterManager in EnviroMagic has an additional probe to maintain correct water levels in the unit at all times.

Advanced touch screen MagIQtouch Controller (optional)
MagiQtouch Controller The technology includes in-built Installation Wizard, making the operating process simple. Operate up to 135 coolers from a single MagIQtouch Controller, using optional Link Module and wiring loom – no special controllers required.

MagIQtouch extras
MagIQtouch BMS Control
Our coolers are BMS compatible. Please contact your local representative for further details.

External air sensor
Displays current outside temperature and intuitively optimises water and energy usage based on outside ambient conditions. Extends the life of your air conditioner by automatically draining the water tank when temperature nears freezing.

Remote temperature sensor
Enables the MagIQtouch Controller to be mounted in a convenient location (e.g. control room), while still sensing air from the conditioned space.

MagIQcool™ Controller (standard)
MagIQcool TM Controller
Operate one cooler from an easy to use, wall mounted thermostat controller. The controller comes with 40m wiring loom that can be extended up to a maximum length of 100m.


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