Add-on refrigerated cooling systems

Now you can enjoy year round comfort with cooling systems specifically designed to complement your new or existing* Braemar gas heating system.

First with MEPS compliance USeries

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Designed to fit your ducted gas heating system

Refrigerated air-conditioning using the same ductwork and grilles as your Braemar ducted gas heating system.

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InvertairTM Series

First and only true inverter add-on cooler meaning higher energy efficiency and better value.

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Easy installation and operation

No need for new ductwork or grilles means simple installation and savings for you.

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One heater, one cooler, one control

Using the same controller as your ducted gas heating system (either Spectrolink or MagIQtouch), you can control the climate across multiple zones in your home.

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Innovative MagIQtouch Controller

If you choose the brand new, world's first 7 star equivalent^ Braemar ducted gas heating system, you can use your MagIQtouch Controller to operate your heating in winter and your cooling in summer.

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U series - first with MEPS compliance

The Australian Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) ensures that all air conditioning systems (up to 65 kW) sold in Australia comply with the standard, to help reduce Australia's carbon emissions.


* Applicable to installations where airflow requirements and duct design are suitable

^ Star rating equivalent. Based on Australian Gas Association's calculated tests


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