Add-on refrigerated cooling systems

hmc-dgh-int-ref-air-conBraemar’s add-on refrigerated air conditioning system is specially designed to use the same ductwork and grilles as Braemar ducted gas heating – which makes installation and operation easier.

Ducted refrigerated air conditioners consist of a compressor, fan and heat exchange coil and use a refrigerant to cool the air. Refrigerated air conditioners have two separate mechanical parts, an outdoor compressor and an indoor unit/fan coil.

  • The outdoor compressor unit compresses refrigerant gas into a liquid state to allow the refrigeration effect to take place, exactly the same way as does your home refrigerator.
  • The compressed gas is transferred into the indoor unit.
  • The indoor unit basically consists of a fan and a heat exchange coil.
  • The fan is connected and then controlled by a room installed thermostat that draws the air from inside the home, passes it through a filter and then recirculates throughout your home approximately 10 times each hour.
  • Ducted refrigerated air conditioning units are normally positioned inside the roof, as well as an unit outside the house (usually on a side wall) with ducting throughout the roof space to direct air into the rooms of the home.

You can add Braemar add-on cooling to existing* Braemar ducted gas heating systems, as well as new installations. Ask your dealer for details.

* Applicable to installations where airflow requirements and duct design are suitable


Find out more about Combined Ducted Gas Heating with Add-On Cooling

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